Can a dog live okay with diabetes?

GooGooGaGa Asked: Can a dog live okay with diabetes?

My 9 1/2- 10 year old dog was diagnosed withe diabetes mellitus… Vet discussed with me about putting her in daily insulin injection.She is already showing cataracts.. well.. I have a special dog in my hands. She was rescued from a rescue group pregnant with brokenback leg. I adopted her as soon as she gave birth to her puppies. We worked on her back leg for nearly 3 months but no result as they think the leg was broken for too long when she was on the street. So we amputated her back leg and ever since then she was a happy camper. No more pain and just happy… But because of her last treatment with her leg she is terrified of animal hospital… The moment she is inside she started shaking and crying. It gets so bad she faints.

Her diabetes doesn't look good right now. Although she shows no obvious symptoms but her glucose level was almost 500 when 150 is normal range. Vet talked about insulin treatment and in and out of the hospital every 10 days to monitor her until we know the right dosage of insulin she needs….

my question is.. if I gave my dog this option of living with insulin. Can she get back living a near normal life again? To be completely honest. I rather let her go then to put her through endless hospital trips for something not even guaranteed to keep her happy and living. Any advice and experience will be greatly appreciated. thanks everyone


Jack Answered:

It is certainly possible.But as with anyone, some things are unpredictable.There is always a risk of complications or something not healing properly.You have to keep a close eye on things.Stress can throw things off.If your dog senses you worrying, that is a stress.Sudden changes in diet or activity will have to be watched closely.

It's up to you.But I say give the dog a chance.You will know soon enough whether or not to continue treatment.If money is an issue, then let the dog go.

Either way, there is no shame.There is nothing wrong with either decision.

T Answered:
To my knowledge, dogs with diabetes live a perfectly normal life besides daily insulin shots. Maybe for all these vet trips you could possibly find a vet who does "home visits" so that your dog does not need to endure a trip to the vet.

Sorry I can not be of more help, i'm sure there are people on here who have first-hand dealt with canine diabetes and can tell you more. Good luck!

Dog Section Regular Answered:
Dogs with diabetes who are being properly treated CAN live normal, healthy lives.

Is there a way for you to give the injections yourself at home so you don't have to go to the Vet? Or maybe is there a Mobile Vet in your area?

What food are you feeding her? That's a big part of the treatment of diabetes.

Here's a link on Diabetes Mellitus that might help:

Gypsy Queen Answered:
The only experience I have with a dog with diabetes is my aunts Poodle. He developed it when he was about 10 years old. They didn't know he had it until he had a diabetic seizure and the vet ended up keeping him several days as well to get his levels normal. He ended up living to close to 18 years on three daily insulin shots. When he was first diagnosed he was almost completely blind and by the time he died he was also deaf but he seemed just fine, got along fine. I think he went to the vet several times a year to make sure things where okay but he never had to stay there for any extended period except when he was first diagnosed. It's not a death sentence and they can live very well, just like humans but it can be restricting on you. The shots have to give several times a day religiously.

Helen Rempel Answered:
While no one can guarantee your particular dog, most dogs do very well on insulin.My parents' little mutt was diagnosed with diabetes around age 10, lived another 3 years and was active and happy.

It sounds to me like you're dreading having to give that needle twice a day.That's what my parents thought too, but my mom said she would do anything for that dog and gave it her best shot (pardon the pun).Unfortunately, she just couldn't stomach it.Amazingly (for those who knew him), my dad stepped forward and gave the dog her shot, and continued to do that until her death (unrelated to diabetes–she went to the vet to have a large wart removed from her leg because she was chewing at it…the surgery did not go well…)

Anyway, if my dad could do it, so can you!I urge you to at least give it a try for a couple of months.As for the cataracts, dogs do just fine with little or no sight.They rely far more on their noses.I have personal experience with a near-blind dog, and he did great.I highly recommend the book Living With Blind Dogs by Levy, you can get it on Amazon.

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