Could the smell of urine indicate a sign of diabetes?

Lorraine M Asked: Could the smell of urine indicate a sign of diabetes?

I was watching Dr. Oz, and he stated that if your urine smells 'fruity', you may very well have diabetes.Has anyone else heard of this?Is there any truth to this?I've noticed over the last couple months that my urine has this odor.


TehLostHero Answered:
Probably yes, I've heard of this lots of times. Maybe you should consult this to you doctor immediately,don't be scared, you won't die of diabetes.

mandy Answered:
Yes it can . It's very true ( not a myth just scientific fact, it comes from the acetone content in diabetics) . Also the smell of sweat is different in diabetic ( described as very sweet).

John W Answered:
In medieval days, there were professional urine tasters in order to diagnose diabetes mellitus.However, the kidneys only start to remove the glucose when the levels are already very high, usually more than 180 mg/dl ( 10.0 mmol/L ).Of course, unless you insist on medieval methods, you don't have to taste your urine, you could ask your Doctor if you're diabetic, or use an urine test strip.

Mind you urine test strips are so 70'ish, why not use a free glucose monitor instead, non diabetics have a fasting reading of 70-110 mg/dl ( 3.9-6.1 mmol/L ) and a postprandial ( two hours after a meal ) reading of 70-140 mg/dl ( 3.9-7.8 mmol/L ).It's diabetic if you have a fasting reading of 126 mg/dl ( 7.0 mmol/L ) or higher; or a postprandial reading of 200 mg/dl ( 11.1 mmol/L ) or higher.

gc s Answered:
Drink juice of1.bitter gourd, 1.cucumber, 1.tomato with 4-5 leaf of tulsi and 4-5 leaf of nayantara all mixed together in a mixy. It will be one full glass. Take it empty stomach in the morning.
Avoid sweets, sugar, rice and potato.
Take it regular. Blood sugar will come down to normal. Get checked regularly.

Elizabeth Answered:
The best thing to drink is water. It may not sound too appetizing, but it's the best for you. The last thing you should be having is some sugared drink like Coke, Pepsi, Orange Crush, Sprite, Root Beer, Gatorade, and Powerade. I'm sure as you know, even though there is different types of Diabetes you still follow the same basis. Diabetes is a disease when there is high levels of sugar in the blood. So, stay away from sugared drinks. You can try Diet Coke because it's certainly better than all the other drinks listed above. The best though is water. Best of luck!

mandy Answered:
There are special treats and drinks made for diabetics and you should find them at the supermarket just ask around. Also you should talk to your doctor and he can recommend a nutritionist that is specialized in diabetes. I can give you the link of the American Diabetes Association and they explain there what is recommended how to prepare your meals what you should stay away from so i hope it will help.They also have a register there where they can answer nutrition questions.
Hope it helped in some way icon smile Could the smell of urine indicate a sign of diabetes?

tod m Answered:
water, unsweetened things,

John W Answered:
First, you have to realize that the sugar that you eat is not the sugar that's in your bloodstream.It's the carbohydrates that become glucose in your blood, sugar is just a carbohydrate.50% to 60% of the calories in your diet should be carbohydrates and you can calculate the number of calories you should have.There are four calories in every gram of carbohydrate.

Sugars are the simplest carbohydrates and you shouldn't have too many of them, the recommendation is for 10% to 15% of your calories to be from sugar.Again there are 4 calories in every gram of sugar.

So for a 2,000 calorie, you should have 250 to 300 grams of carbohydrates per day of which no more than 50-75 grams should be sugar.

Now, not every carbohydrate converts to glucose at the same rate.The rate at which it converts is called the glycemic index, the lower the index, the longer it takes to convert.Table sugar doesn't even convert the fastest, table sugar has a glycemic index of 65, pea soup has a gi of 65, whole wheat bread has a gi of 69, white bread has a gi of 70, baked potato has a gi of 85.

Diabetes is an inability to regulate your glucose levels by the release of insulin.Therefore it would be best to spread out the carbohydrates you eat as much as possible.You can do this with smaller, more frequent meals and by selecting lower glycemic index alternatives.For example instead of white bread ( gi of 70 ), you can use stoneground whole wheat ( gi of 53 ), sourdough ( gi of 52 ) or wholegrain bread ( gi of 40 ).

There's a lot of low carb and protein diets around and they can be useful in controlling your glucose levels but the goal is to have a healthy diet.Proteins and fats also become glucose, just much more slowly typically 2 to 4 hours after eating instead of the first two.Many diabetics who use insulin are taught carb counting to size their pre meal insulin injection and therefore believe that the low carb diet reduces their insulin use but the purpose for insulin is to get glucose into the cells so the amount needed is determined by your basal metabolic rate and activity level.The insulin you need per day ( Total Daily Dose ) can be estimated from taking your weight in lbs and dividing by 4, half of that is your long lasting basal insulin and the rest is for the meals.The sum of the basal and bolus ( meal time insulin ) adds up to your TDD ( Total Daily Dose ), if it doesn't, your basal shot is adjusted so that it does.So contrary to popular belief, a low carb, high protein diet doesn't actually change your insulin requirements.You can get quite far in regulating your glucose with one of the fad low carb diets but don't sacrifice nutrition to do so.

Robert Answered:
unfortunately, i drink water. black watery coffee, all types of tea, no milk, i love club soda bretana its colombian, i drink club soda, no diet drinks, sometimes i go on a binge and drink diet dr. pepper.

emgee Answered:
I drink water.

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