is it time to put my dog to sleep?

Jim Asked: is it time to put my dog to sleep?

its a really hard decision, he is a 13 1/2 year old Maltese.he hascataracts(almost all the way bind), he has diabetes. (two shots of insulin a day), he has arthritis, doesnt walk good. and also cant control his bladder . i feel really bad. i just dont see what quaility of life he has anymore. i could use your opinions, thank you


pop145 Answered:
Dont let him suffer it m as y be time

JIK Answered:
yes. my mom was very sad when it happened, but you should put him to sleep instead of suffering with all that. And, then he will go to dog heaven. and have fun with other dogs. like my other god, Kally. So, it is the right thing to do. ***tears*** good luck.
icon wink is it time to put my dog to sleep?

put em down.

13 is a great age to be put down. if they are unhealthy, that is. he lived a long wonderful doggy dog life on earth, take him away from here, send him to heaven where they have no illnesses.

JakJak Answered:
Personally if you feel he is miserable and has all these health problems I would take it to a vet and ask their opinion they could give options but I think it may be time to put him down

Rylee Answered:
yeah put him down its a hard desicion if you love him a lot but if you love him so much you wouldnt want to see him in pain . poor thing icon sad is it time to put my dog to sleep?

Joe Answered:
Is it about the dog, or about you? Sounds like you want to rid yourself of aggravation. The dog can go blind and live nicely as long as you don move things, the insulin will control the diabetes, and the vet can give you non-steroidal anti inflammatories for the arthritis. The bladder thing is probably because he can't walk well without the anti-inflam…. With them and your attention he could do fine. But if you want to end your misery, put him down, but I don't want to hear how you loved him and miss him.

CookieThe First One Answered:
I always judge the quality of life my dogs have when having to make this decision.Usually they tell me by stopping eating , but not always.You should be able to see if your dog has any enjoyment in his life, and if not, then I would consider it's time to say goodbye.

De Answered:
I've had some sort of pet all my life and I can tell you that this is the hardest decision anyone can ever make.It sounds like your dog is getting up there in years and probably doesn't have much longer to live.I don't think this is something anyone can really answer for you with a definitive yes or no because these things are so personal.

You've known this animal for almost 14 years and you know him better than any of us.You just need to ask yourself if you think he's ready to go.Does he frequently "hide" away from his usual places?Does he eat and drink without encouragement?Can he stand up well enough to go to the restroom on his own?

I had to put a 16 year old aussie down back in July and when her time came everyone knew.She wouldn't eat or drink.We had to carry her outside and hold her up to do her business.She was really just holding on to make us happy.In the end the vet didn't even make it half way through the first shot to relax her before she took her final breath.

So the best I can really say is that You'll Know.Your beloved pet will tell you in his own way when the time has come.

SG Answered:
**talk to a vet and get his opinion

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