What does diabetes have to do with going to the bathroom alot!?!?

Asked: What does diabetes have to do with going to the bathroom alot!?!?

Well my question was why do ihave to pee alot? I usually on pee like 2-3 times a day before an after i go to school. I hate having to pee at school, I only go if I have to pee real bad. It's gettin like that i've used the bathroom @ school every day at lunch an then later tht day, an then wen i get home. I have been drinkin alot more water cuz my mouth has been really dry. Last nite everytime i woke up i had to pee. woke up a@ 1 went to the bathroom then 4 an then 5… an then wen im at home i go pee then i have to pee like 20mins later then 30mins ..i counted…But bfor i start drinkin water i noticed tht everytime i left out the house @ nite, i would have to pee.
I looked up y I had too pee so much. THis is what i got:
bladder something
drinkin water
"Matter of Fact i have too pee rite now"
But anyways …what does diabetes have to do wit me having to pee alot!?!?
I dnt get that


gazeygoo Answered:
Diabetics do not make enough insulin and sometimes they make none. Insulin is a helper hormone, it kind of escorts glucose (sugar) into the cells for the cells to use as fuel. If there isn't enough insulin the glucose continues to be in the blood stream and as a result the kidneys try to flush it out be causing excessive urination.

summergirl77756 Answered:
Controlling your blood sugar should help with the amount you have to urinate.Essentially, you have extra glucose in the blood and since you have so much, it ends up going in the urine.Water (urine) automatically follows the glucose.

Kathy Answered:
The high levels of sugar make more blood go to the kidneys to be filtered, which makes more water go into the bladder from the blood that is filtered in the kidneys.

Gofer Answered:
I'm not sure you could just Google it. But I do know that my friend found out that he had diabetes because he drank a ton of a water all the time and had to pee all the time. You might want to get checked.

John W Answered:
Glucose is energy for the body so the kidneys try to preserve it and reclaims it from the urine but the process breaks down when blood glucose levels exceed 160-189 mg/dl ( 8.9-10.0 mmol/L ).So whenever your glucose level is above 180 mg/dl ( 10.0 mmol/L ) your kidneys will be producing a low of urine.Note that the word "diabetes" means to urinate, the second part of the name is "mellitus" which means sweet so diabetes mellitus literally means sweet urine.In the middle ages there were professional urine tasters to check for diabetes.

Llama Swagger Answered:
Sugar itself of course isn't dangerous. The amount of time and sugar that one intakes is what could make it dangerous. After all, too much of anything isn't good for you.

House825 Answered:
Sugar is not nearly as dangerous as cigarettes.I haven't found a study yet that does not list "Avoid Smoking/Using Tobacco Products" as the first and best thing you can do to improve your health.Webmd says:"If you smoke, your chance of dying from a heart attack is 2 to 3 times greater than that of a person who does not smoke. About 1 out of 4 heart attacks is believed to be directly related to smoking. Smoking is a much more important risk factor for a heart attack than high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, or stress."

Diabetes is not linked to the overconsumption of sugar, and eating sugar does not cause diabetes.Being overweight from eating any type food (not just sugar) can be a contributing factor to Type 2 diabetes, and eating sugar has nothing to do with causingType 1.See my link about diabetes myths.

Nobody's ever going to call sugar a health food, but people who have a small amount of candy or dessert daily are not going to develop a disease from it.

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