Why am I always dehydrated and feel like I have to pee a lot?

Asked: Why am I always dehydrated and feel like I have to pee a lot?

I am always feeling dehydrated and the need to go pee even if I didnt drink much.I go to the bathroom nearly every hour and I have to drink water frequently.I also carry my chapstick with me everywhere because I always have to reapply every 5 minutes.I always have a water bottle with me too.I am now 20 years old and have been like this since I was around 12 years old.I even once fainted when I was 15 because I was extremely dehydrated even though I drink water all the time.Ive had my blood sugar tested and it is normal, so I dont have diabetes.Every time I would go to the doctor and complain about this, they would say I would need to drink more water.Eventually, I started drinking 10 full glasses of water a day and I would still be dehydrated!I told my doctor about this a few months ago and he said that I may have a rare disease called Sjogrens Syndrome.I got tested for this recently and the results came back negative.I am starting to think I may have this condition called diabetes insipidus, which has no relation to regular diabetes mellitus.I also have similar symptoms to this condition too.Im planning on telling my doctor about this when I see him next time, but Im just asking on here if anyone may know of anything else that I may possibly have.This is really affecting my everyday life and I would like to know any more information about this.Thank you!


Just because your blood sugar is normal when they did the test doesn't mean its always normal… try eating less sugar and see what happens..

I am 16andhae had the same problem for 2years. My doctor told me the same thing I get head aches alot too. I have fainted 3times. I find the less I drink the more I pee.

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